Residential Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use

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Market analysis and highest and best use are key elements involved in a credible real property valuation. In this course your instructor will review the basics of analysis, including definitions, terminology and various common methodologies used to extract information from the market. Following the analysis section is an exploration of the concept of highest and best use and the theory of consistent use. Examples and hypothetical problems accompany each section, allowing you to work through the scenario as you might in a real world appraisal. 

In addition to the end-of-chapter quizzes and final exam, this course contains mini-quizzes that will test the knowledge of the material throughout each chapter. At the conclusion of the course there is a required one-hour proctored exam that must be taken in a monitored setting.

Chapter List:

  • Chapter 1 - Market Fundamentals, Characteristics, and Definitions
  • Chapter 2 - Market Analysis
  • Chapter 3 - Using the Market Analysis
  • Chapter 4 - Highest and Best Use
  • Chapter 5 - Case Studies for Highest and Best Use
  • Chapter 6 - Conclusion



Maria / New Jersey
Recommended it

Jeffrey / Alabama
COurse was easy to follow and contained good information.

Stephen / Minnesota
Enjoyed the content and pacing of the Market Analysis and Highest and Best Use online course far more than some of the in-person appraisal courses I've taken.

Robert / Maine
Very informative and well organized.

Barrett / California
Great course! Just like reading a textbook but with interactive quizzes and case studies.

John / Maryland
I would strongly recommend taking this course. It was very good compared to other online courses I have taken.

Michael  / Texas
Great courses and the customer service is excellent!!!!

Sharyn / Arizona
Great course for refreshing general appraisal skills!

Dustin / Georgia
At first I was skeptical, but then after getting started this course was so amazing that when I was at Myrtle Beach I had a t shirt with the course title air brushed so I would never forget

Brooke / Indiana
Good course