Virginia Real Estate Principles and Practice

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This course is not recommended for iPad use. This course is designed to provide the student with 60 hours of real estate pre-license education in order to supply them with a knowledgeable foundation from which to build a successful career as a licensed real estate salesperson. Our 60-hour Real Estate Principles course will guide the student through the basic principles of the real estate world. Topics addressed include Getting Started in Real Estate, Real Estate Ethics, Owning Real Estate, Environmental Concerns, and Real Estate Match Calculations, among others. Throughout this course, the student will gain an understanding of the principles, but also the practices common in the real estate industry. Topics covered in the course include Agency Law, Contract Law, Misrepresentation, Leasing and Selling the Property, Real Estate Financing, Short Sales and Foreclosures, Closing a Residential Transactions, and Virginia Law, among others.

Chapter List:

  • Chapter 1 - Getting Started in Real Estate
  • Chapter 2 - Land, Real Estate and Real Property
  • Chapter 3 - Choosing Your Niche
  • Chapter 4 - Describing Real Estate
  • Chapter 5 - Ownership of Real Estate
  • Chapter 6 - Estates and Interests in Real Property
  • Chapter 7 - Land Use Controls
  • Chapter 8 - City and Urban Development
  • Chapter 9 - Taxes and Liens
  • Chapter 10 - Environmental Concerns
  • Chapter 11 - Ethics
  • Chapter 12 - Antitrust
  • Chapter 13 - Fair Housing
  • Chapter 14 - Real Estate Math
  • Chapter 15 - Conclusion
  • Chapter 16 - Agency Law
  • Chapter 17 - Contract Law
  • Chapter 18 - Business Skills
  • Chapter 19 - Risk Management
  • Chapter 20 - Misrepresentation
  • Chapter 21 - Federal Agencies Affecting Real Estate
  • Chapter 22 - Effective Listing Presentations
  • Chapter 23 - Listing the Property
  • Chapter 24 - Leasing and Selling the Property
  • Chapter 25 - Short Sales and Foreclosures
  • Chapter 26 - Basics of Real Estate Financing
  • Chapter 27 - Financing Sources and Steps
  • Chapter 28 - Appraisal of the Property
  • Chapter 29 - Closing the Residential Transaction
  • Chapter 30 - Virginia Law
  • Chapter 31 - Virginia Planning and Subdivision Developments
  • Chapter 32 - Conclusion



Heather / Virginia
Easy to navigate complete on my own time

Sean / Virginia
Great material, concise and well-organized. Perfect for first time learner or anyone transferring into real estate from a similar career path.

Amanda / Virginia
I'm a mother of four small children and McKissock made it possible for me to complete the course requirements I needed in order to become a real estate agent. I was able to work from home and on my own schedule. Thank you McKissock!

Jhan / Maryland
Mckissock has great courses and I think I am going to sign up for some more courses that I need to take.

nancy / Virginia
This course is perfect for someone working a full-time job, and who has family responsibilites. I moved at a pace that was convenient for me, and did quite well throughout the course. I was sick for a week and it took me another week to get back on my feet. If I were taking a classroom course, I would have had to drop out. My online course allowed me the time to recover and pick up right where I left off. I had a wonderful experience with McKissock and would highly recommend it for someone with a hectic schedule.

Travis / Virginia
Course outlined all VA/National real estate principles. Easy to comprehend and retain material. I recommend this course to anyone pursuing a real estate career.

Melissa / Virginia

janice / Virginia
this course of studies is affordable and convenient time wise if you are full time home-maker ,worker or just have a busy work load or busy family---you can approach this course on your little bit of free time, that will work for you.

Sara / Virginia
The course was great and really prepared me for my future real estate career. I feel that I have a good handle on the materials and am ready to move forward. Thanks!

Xiangyu / Virginia
This course is well designed. Not boring and have many interesting examples. Highly recommended.