FHA Inspection Checklist for Appraisers

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The objective of this course is to provide FHA appraisers with a better understanding of the FHA Inspection Form. We will detail the form, as well as provide examples to further explain each section. This course is not for credit towards continuing education, but will provide the FHA appraiser with knowledge and resources, as well as a handy checklist, for completing FHA appraisals in compliance with HUD policies and regulations.

Chapter List:

  • Chapter 1 - FHA Checklist



Donald / Missouri
This is the first McKissock course I've taken, but it was precisely what I hoped it would be.

James / Missouri
A simple, useful guide for all appraisal work, not just FHA

Jay / Florida
Good Course.

Timothy / North Carolina
Must have & great information for FHA appraisers.

David / Texas
One reason I chose McKissock was their promotion that allowed me to take all the courses I wanted for one price. This afforded me the opportunity to take courses I might not otherwise have taken because of cost or other reasons. With the ability to take multiple courses, I thought this was a good course to take to refresh my memory on FHA appraisals and to provide additional information that I can pass along to my trainees.

Angela / Virginia
Very helpful as a refresher. Gave a great checklist that could easily be used on any property inspection, condensed to one sheet.

Ron / Utah
Good courses. I like being able to read the comments from other appraisal professionals.

Sandra / Virginia
Good information in a compact way!!!

Daniel / Ohio
I thought the material was excellant, well put together, and very understandable. This is a good course for new and experienced appraisers.

Martha / Texas
Thank you, as always, for being my preferred on-line education source!