McKissock's 100% Education

A Commitment
to Excellence

"Our success as a company is deeply rooted in our superior ability to understand and satisfy the needs of our customers. We earn their loyalty by focusing on one customer at a time. The customer's needs become our own and we take personal ownership of the company's long-term relationship with that individual in every single interaction, diligently following through as appropriate. We will never take our customers for granted, and we will re-earn their future business every single time. We will give each customer no less consideration and personal attention than we would extend to our own family or dear friends in the same situation."


- Matthew McKissock, Co-Founder

and Chairman

About McKissock

In 1990, McKissock began offering continuing education classes and online courses to real estate appraisers. As word of our quality education spread, we added pre-licensing and upgrade courses for appraisal professionals. Today, we also offer online Real Estate CE nationwide as well as post-licensing and pre-licensing education to select states. McKissock serves a professional clientele from an array of industries — appraisers to real estate brokers and agents, home inspectors, land surveyors and engineers.


With McKissock, professionals like you enjoy a total education experience that continues to exceed their expectations. Whether you choose to fulfill your continuing education needs by attending an onsite class or by taking a course in the comfort of your home or office, you will find that we are committed to providing a quality of education that cannot be equaled elsewhere.

Virtual Classroom

The McKissock team recognizes that today's technology-savvy consumers expect immediate, up-to-date information at any time via the internet. The Virtual Classroom will eliminate your need to travel for your education. Our online courses provide you the flexibility to take your continuing education or professional development hours whenever you want and wherever you are. If the internet can reach you, McKissock can too. For your convenience, these online courses are available 24/7. So, not only can you choose where the classroom is, you can also decide when the class starts and stops! Our Virtual Classroom courses are fully approved by national associations and individual state boards.


We go to great lengths to develop, design, and deliver curricula that go well beyond the minimum requirements needed to meet professionals' education needs. We strive to increase the quality of your knowledge by presenting fresh, current topics in an easy-to-use format. We have a large and growing catalog of courses for a wide variety of professions.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, we refuse to settle for anything less than exceptional — because our customers deserve only the best. McKissock's customer service team takes pride in answering your questions, finding the courses you need, and making sure you have everything you need for a truly outstanding educational experience.


Questions regarding course content or technical issues may be submitted via email to McKissock or the course instructor using the conveniently located link on the left-hand Help Tab of each course or via the "Contact Us" tab at the top of each page of our website. Students may also call 1-800-328-2008 during our regular business hours, as follows, to speak with a customer service representative.

Business Hours

Weekdays:   8:00am - 8pm (Eastern Time)     Weekends:   12:00 noon - 3:30pm (Eastern Time)