Evidence, Exhibits, and Testimony

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Forensic surveying is the topic of this course and it provides knowledge in the areas of law of evidence, civil lawsuits, trial processes, and professional practice.

Chapter List:

  • Chapter 1 - Evidence, Exhibits & Testimony
  • Chapter 2 - A Simplified View of our Legal System
  • Chapter 3 - General Provisions Regarding Evidence
  • Chapter 4 - Testimony as Evidence
  • Chapter 5 - Exhibits & Other Demonstrative Evidence
  • Chapter 6 - The Trial Process
  • Chapter 7 - Making & using Exhibits
  • Chapter 8 - Business Issues and Personal Considerations
  • Chapter 9 - Course Summary



Todd / New York
Excellent course.

Dale / Vermont
This was a great course. A lot of subject matter and things to think about, good review.

Jason / Vermont
it was fine

Richard / Vermont
I thought I got more out of this course than going to a conference and hearing someone speak.

Ronald / New York
Very thorough but easy to follow.

Charles / Texas
Very organized and the quiz after each chapter was helpful for the final exam

Charles / Ohio
I strongly recommend this course. I think that we surveyors, in general, lack training on legal issues. For the most part, we can work an entire career and never be involved in litigation. I find participation in court proceedings frightening and exhilarating, and any help I can get is appreciated.

John / North Carolina
I have enjoyed taking McKissock courses over the years. Each course is professionally written, includes pertinent information that will help me be a better practitioner and allows me the ability to complete the course at my convenience. Well done and Thank You....

jeffrey / North Carolina
Very good course material - Broken down into easy to understand sections -

roger / Alaska
worthwhile course