Fundamentals of Boundary Control

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Boundary Control Fundamentals is designed to introduce the surveyor into the world of property law and boundary principles. It will assist in preparing the surveyor for professional licensure and, once that goal is achieved, to understand how best to serve clients’ needs. Although there are no formal pre-requisites for this course, it is desirable that the student have a basic knowledge of survey measurements, instrumentation and mathematics prior to attempting it.

Chapter List:

  • Chapter 1 - Why Surveyors Study Property Law
  • Chapter 2 - Transfer of Real Property Rights
  • Chapter 3 - Case Law versus Statute Law
  • Chapter 4 - The Elements of Sequential Conveyancing
  • Chapter 5 - The Elements of Simultaneous Conveyancing
  • Chapter 6 - Combination of Sequential and Simultaneous Conveyancing
  • Chapter 7 - Conclusion



Lloyd / Oklahoma
Great course...............

Bobby / South Carolina
Very good content at an unbelievable price!

Clyde / Georgia
Great Course. Every person involved in the Surveying profession should take this course to further understand the thought process of what Boundary resolution entails.

David / South Carolina
Great review with challenging material.

T Lloyd / South Carolina
good choice

Steven / North Carolina
This was a good course. The information was very helpful as a refresher and helped me to brush up on my knowledge. I would recommend this course. it really helped me in a practical way.

Thomas / North Carolina
Excellent course for all levels of experience.

William / Missouri
McKissock education was very thorough. I recommend this course to people.

William / Alabama
No review at this time thank you.

Jeffrey / Minnesota
Good course on Boundary Control