Workfile Documentation for Appraisers

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This course contains audio and video. Very few appraisers intend to have a workfile that does not comply with the RECORDING KEEPING RULE of USPAP. Yet, one of the most common disciplinary actions taken by licensing boards result from insufficient support – either in the report or the workfile. 

This course focuses on the point of the workfile – to preserve evidence that the appraiser complied with USPAP. If that evidence is not presented in the report, it MUST be kept in the workfile. 

Too often, when appraisers think workfile “support” they tie it to the Sales Comparison Approach, which, while important, is not enough. From the beginning (accepting the assignment) to the end (delivery of the report), the appraiser is in the “analyze and conclude” mode. Sadly, much of that is done “on the fly” with very little actual supporting documentation making it into the report or the workfile. 

The course begins with a discussion of the RECORDKEEPING RULE and the SCOPE OF WORK RULE, as the basis for helping to establish what information is necessary to ensure the appraiser produces credible assignment results. 

And, since many appraisers consider that if the lending assignment “one-size-fits-all” engagement form is in the workfile, there is sufficient evidence of compliance, two engagement letters are analyzed and missing assignment elements are identified. 

The next section takes Fannie Mae’s 1004 report form and on a page and section basis, identifies the areas which are often the least supported by file documentation. This section also addresses the ways that the same information can be used to supported several different analyses. 

The wrap up consists of final thoughts, which are designed to remind appraisers that although time consuming, having sufficient data in the workfile is time well spent – that the workfile IS the best defense against an offense.

Chapter List:

  • Chapter 1 - Section 1: Record Keeping Rule and Scope of Work Rule
  • Chapter 2 - Section 2: Engagement Letters - What More Do We Need?
  • Chapter 3 - Section 3 - The more that we need
  • Chapter 4 - Section 4: Wrapping It Up



Aaron / Pennsylvania
Great course - plenty of usefull knowledge

James / Illinois
good class

Scott / Utah
This was a very good course and had good information on creating a strong work file.

Daniel / Pennsylvania
Good stuff.

Erik  / Pennsylvania
It was a good course.

Sean  / Pennsylvania
good course

Nancy / Pennsylvania
Good review course

Diana / California
Good course...

Jean / Pennsylvania
Course went into great detail in regard to record keeping that I really needed to know.

Kitty / Pennsylvania
great course and convenient for being limited on time.