Mapping Floodplains: A Legal and Scientific Process

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This course assumes knowledge and understanding of the regulations guiding the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and the relevant insurance requirements. With that background, we move forward into the mapping of floodplains since the earliest days of the NFIP to current mapping and map correction practices. Since the federally issued Flood Insurance Rate Map is a legal document, we must understand how to correct that document when we find errors or when conditions represented on the map have changed. Because they change periodically, application forms for updating and correcting maps are identified but not discussed in any detail. Instead, this course integrates both technical and legal aspects of mapping, to provide an understanding of the technical and regulatory basis for appropriate mapping and map change application approvals.

Chapter List:

  • Chapter 1 - The History of Floodplain Mapping
  • Chapter 2 - The Process of Changing Maps
  • Chapter 3 - Base Flood Elevation
  • Chapter 4 - Predicting Base Flood Elevations
  • Chapter 5 - Conclusion



Lloyd / Oklahoma
Great course...........

Humphrey / Maryland
Mapping Flood Plains and National Insurance Program was my weakest point in survey. I have learnt so much in this course that I would recommend it to all practicing surveyors. As surveyors, we routinely prepare Elevation certificates and this course adds a firm foundation of understanding Floodplain Mapping and the attendant processes.

David / New Mexico
Excellent 30 question review quiz

Christopher / Arkansas
simple & economical

Robert / Pennsylvania
In my opinion this course is well done!

TIM / West Virginia

Brian / Maryland
Course was easy to navigate, informative, and reasonably priced.

Scott  / Idaho
This was a very good overview of the Flood Plane study methods

Albert / Pennsylvania
This course provides a tremendous amount of information in a logical, easy to follow manner and is a must for anyone working in flood prone areas.

alsey / North Carolina
Great course well laid out. Not easy but well laid out