General Report Writing and Case Studies

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In this course, you will learn how to write a narrative appraisal report of an income producing property. It principally focuses on the development of a Self-Contained Appraisal Report, but the methods and techniques explained can be applied to writing a Summary Appraisal Report or to a Restricted Use Appraisal Report. The course provides instruction on how to write every section of a Self-Contained Appraisal Report from the title page through the final opinion of value and the addendum. It includes a case study that provides opportunities to write various sections of an appraisal report, as well as practice performing necessary comparative analysis and making calculations. In addition to the end-of-chapter quizzes and final exam, this course contains mini-quizzes that will test the knowledge of the material throughout each chapter. The mini-quizzes will help prepare you for not only the end-of-chapter quiz, but also for the cumulative final exam at the end of the course. There is a required three-hour exam at the end that must be taken in a proctored classroom setting.

Chapter List:

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction to Narrative Appraisal Report Writing
  • Chapter 2 - Getting Started
  • Chapter 3 - Describing a Property‚Äôs Location and Surroundings
  • Chapter 4 - Describing the Site, Buildings and Improvements
  • Chapter 5 - Explaining the Analytical Process
  • Chapter 6 - Explaining the Sales Comparison Approach to Value
  • Chapter 7 - Explaining and Writing the Cost Approach
  • Chapter 8 - Explaining and Writing the Income Capitalization Approach to Value
  • Chapter 9 - Final Reconciliation, Value Opinion and Certification
  • Chapter 10 - Apartment Building Case Study
  • Chapter 11 - Office Building Case Study
  • Chapter 12 - Conclusion