Customer Testimonials

"Your customer service people are as helpful as any I have ever dealt with."

- Dave F.

"The most terrific online course I have ever experienced! It was comprehensive, fair and complete. I would recommend McKissock to anyone that has a computer in their home. "

- Lauren B.

"The course information and the exams really gave me an opportunity, not just to learn, but to retain the information."

- Juanita M.

"I love the self-paced instruction. It was very easy to navigate through the course."

- Elizabeth B.

"Continuing education finally made enjoyable. You'll never sit through classes again. McKissock is the only way to go. "

- Will N.

"I was nervous about taking a class online, but I found McKissock to be well-organized and easy to use. I highly recommend them!"

- Scott M.

"For people who have many things going on in their lives, this online opportunity was wonderful."

- Janet C.

"I was very pleased with the course format, clarity of instruction and easy maneuverability within the course material."

- Randy E.

"Your course selection is the best I could find, and the software is such that even the least computer-savvy could handle it."

- Maureen M.

"I was challenged and able to learn at my own pace and from the comfort and ease of my office."

- Peter S.

"I liked the easy to read and navigate layout of the course."

- Karen A.

"It’s nice to see topics that are not addressed often enough in typical CEU courses."

- Heidi G.

"It’s great to have courses that provide information I can actually use!"

- Cathy S.

"I continue to use McKissock's online courses as they are the most complete and easiest to learn from."

- Gail K.

"From my first contact with customer service, to actually completing four 3-hr classes... it was a wonderful experience all around!"

- John C.

Great information, relaxed pace, fair quizzes and exams... and the price was right too!"

- Scott S.

"Before I knew it, all 12 credits had already been posted with my regulatory board... very prompt!"

- Brian J.