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Tennessee Real Estate License School

Congratulations!  Becoming a real estate salesperson in Tennesse is one of the most exciting and rewarding career paths on the planet!  Here's the deal...

The Tenesse Real Estate Commission requires you take 90 hours of instruction from an approved real estate school in order to sit for the TN state exam.  It's a very necessary evil, but 90 hours of law rich education can be hard to swallow no matter how positive your attitude may be.

The good news is that McKissock provides all the tools and support you need within our salesperson  package.  If we can't deliver our online course in an engaging manner, help you get your real estate license and generally do our best to give you an all around awesome experience, then give us a call for an apology and a refund.

Have fun and make it a great day!

McKissock Online Courses Get High Marks From Students!

McKissock takes pride in its online courses and it shows! Our 2 currently approved Tennessee Real Estate license education courses have received 98 reviews for a rating of 4.47 out of 5.

Tennessee Real Estate License Education

Tennessee Real Estate License classes are available through our sister school, Real Estate Express. Real Estate Express is the industry's leading online real estate license educator, offering real estate online education for over 15 years and serving hundreds of thousands of professionals. When you visit our real estate pre-licensing courses at Real Estate Express you will find:

  • Real Estate Pre-Licensing courses approved by the State of Tennessee
  • Best in class course content, all with high rankings from previous students
  • State and national real estate test prep tools
  • Over 15 years of online real estate education experience

When you click the "View Courses" button below you will be taken directly to the state page for the pre-license education product on the Real Estate Express Website.

The McKissock family values your trust and looks forward to serving you through your real estate career.

If you have questions please contact the customer service departments at either Real Estate Express or McKissock.

Real Estate Express: 1.877.204.1039

McKissock: 800-328-2008

Tennessee Real Estate School
Meet your instructor

John C Ritchie is an 1969 Graduate of Wake Forest University in Winston Salem North Carolina, John has both managed and trained corporate sales and management groups in the skills of negotiating, team building and leadership.  He is a certified Real Estate Instructor in Tennessee with several courses approved for Continuing Education Credit. John currently serves as a Broker and trainer with an upper bracket Real Estate Firm in Knoxville, Tennessee.

What customers have to say
"Your customer service people are as helpful as any I have ever dealt with."
- Dave F.
"The most terrific online course I have ever experienced! It was comprehensive, fair and complete. I would recommend McKissock to anyone who has a computer in their home."
- Lauren B.
"The course information and the exams really gave me an opportunity not just to learn, but to retain the information."
- Juanita M.
"I love the self-paced instruction. It was very easy to navigate through the course."
- Elizabeth B.
"Loved it, simple, fast, and very easy to understand. Great Course Work."
– Sherrill M.
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