Online Education Just Got Way Better.

We're always striving for new and innovative ways to increase the quality of your learning experience, and with the release of our new online course platform, we're taking the next step.

We're now bringing more of the live classroom experience to your computer in several new ways.

Keep a look out for these changes as we're beginning to make them course by course!

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Student Chat

Student Chat

We have given our students the ability to chat amongst themselves during the course. This will allow you to ask questions and share thoughts as you go through the content.

Student Notes

Course Notes

The new notes feature is just awesome! Take down notes on any page and reference, edit, print or delete them later.

Student comments

Course Comments

Course comments allow you to weigh in with your opinions of the content on any particular page. Then agree or disagree with classmates!

Check out all the new features in our online courses...

VC5 Chat

Student Chat

Live chat is yet another addition to our online course experience that allows you to interact with other students in the course. In the tool bar, click the chat icon to bring up your chat window. From there you can see all the active students chatting in the course and what they're saying. Join the conversation by simply typing your message in the box below and clicking the send button. Your message will immediately appear with your classmate's conversation and allow them the opportunity to respond in real time.

VC5 Notes

Student Notes

The notes feature has been completely re-designed to make in-course note-taking easier and more efficient. To access your notepad, click the notes icon. From there, you can add a note, make edits to an existing note, delete a note, and even jump to the particular page where a note was taken.

You'll also have access to all these notes outside of the course on your MyMckissock homepage. From there you can also add, edit, delete and print what you need!

VC5 Comments

Course Comments

Community comments bring you more of a live classroom experience by allowing you to add your thoughts to the course content. Simply click the green comment bubble found on any page, type a comment, and press the submit button.

Your comment will immediately appear below in the comments box for all other students to see. Everyone else will have the option to agree with what you've said, or flag it as inappropriate. When you're finished, just click the red X in the corner to hide the comments, and proceed with the course.

VC5 Email

Email Your Instructor

The new email feature allows you to quickly communicate questions, thoughts, and comments to your instructor in a very easy way. Simply click the email icon, type your message, and press the send button. Your message will go straight to the instructor.