Evaluating a Report for USPAP Compliance

Evaluating a Report for USPAP Compliance

Non-appraisers are often asked to evaluate reports for compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

This online course was developed by The Appraisal Foundation (TAF) and is specifically intended to assist lending professionals in better understanding USPAP and its relevance in the lending process. The course will also facilitate a better understanding of property appraisers’ USPAP-related obligations in an assignment and will provide lender personnel with knowledge to better evaluate an appraisal report for USPAP compliance. This program is not intended to provide training for those performing appraisal review (as defined in USPAP) assignments.

Course Contents

Upon completion of this seminar, the professional should be able to:

  • Understand how the Standards Rules of USPAP relate to the various steps in the appraisal process;
  • Understand the COMPETENCY RULE and how it is applied in selecting a qualified appraiser for a specific assignment;
  • Explain the role USPAP plays in protecting the public interest; Understand the role the lender plays in ensuring appraisers are provided with adequate and accurate data to complete an assignment credibly;
  • Know the importance of accurately identifying the Intended Use and Intended User(s) of an appraisal assignment;
  • Understand the relevance of appropriate report dates and the potential problems that can arise if edits are made subsequent to assignment completion;
  • Recognize the importance of utilizing reviewers who meet the requirements of the COMPETENCY RULE, particularly in complex assignments;
  • Differentiate between the terms “summarize” and “state” as they relate to Standards Rules 2-2(a) and 2-2(b);
  • Understand the difference between a review and an Appraisal Review; and
  • Recognize the information in an Appraisal Report or a Restricted Appraisal Report needed to comply with STANDARD 2.


john / South Carolina
Great class for mortgage professionals to have an understanding of USPAP & better communication with appraisers.
hugh / Texas
N/A- I tell individuals I manage at Chase about McKissock
audrey / Georgia
This course was very helpful. I was able to understand the information provided in the course with ease. I highly recommend this course.
bharat / New York
Well structured course with all the necessary point required to review an appraisal.
claudia / Florida
claudia / Florida
ann / Wisconsin
Informative, and great practical FAQ questions/answers
jennifer / Maine
The course linked together the definitions and the appraisal process so that I, as an underwriter, more fully understand where an appraiser is coming from and what the standard statements and scope of work comments mean in the report. The definitions were the key component of this course for me.