Complex Properties: The Odd Side of Appraisal

There are a number of appraisal courses out there that promise to teach real property appraisers advanced skills including the use of spreadsheets for market analysis, linear regression, and highly technical ways to extract and support adjustments in the sales comparison approach. 
However, a lot of these techniques touted as “the future of appraising” fall short when the subject property is not a cookie-cutter house located in a neighborhood or subdivision consisting of homogenous properties. Appraisals of complex and non-conforming properties require knowledge of many different types of appraisal techniques, creativity, and a positive attitude. We will cover several different techniques in this course, and demonstrate how creativity (e.g., use of non-traditional appraisal techniques) can be employed to solve appraisal problems. The positive attitude, however, is up to you.
This course is intended to be meaningful and relevant for experienced appraisers and novice appraisers alike. Newer appraisers are likely to find lots of new and good information in this course. More experienced appraisers are expected to receive a few tips and tricks, and also get some affirmation about their current appraisal practices. 
This course is intended to cover complex residential properties (i.e. 1- to 4-unit residential properties) although much of the information imparted in this course could also be applied to the appraisal of non-residential properties as well.