Report Certifications: What am I signing and why?

This course was written and produced by The Appraisal Foundation and is being presented through a partnership with McKissock.

A signed certification is required by USPAP in all appraisal and appraisal review reports. A signed certification provides evidence of an appraiser’s acknowledgement of his or her ethical obligations and performance requirements. A clear and accurate certification statement helps ensure the client is not misled regarding essential issues, such as whether or not the appraiser inspected the subject property and/or received significant real property appraisal assistance. Unfortunately, a lot of the certifications that appear in appraisal reports are not compliant with USPAP. Worse, many appraisers do not take the time to read or understand the certification statements that appear in many pre-printed appraisal report forms; instead they regularly sign certifications that may or may not be accurate. In this course, we will address some of the most common certification deficiencies that are encountered in appraisal reports.