2024-2025 7-hour National USPAP Update Course

Tamarac, FL June 21-22, 2024

Registration will begin at 8:45 am. Class will be from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm with one hour for lunch (on your own) and two scheduled breaks.

This 2024-2025 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course, titled Ethics, Standards, and Your Appraisal Practice, is developed by The Appraisal Foundation and must be completed by appraisers every 2 years to meet the USPAP continuing education requirement. It is revised on a biennial basis – for information visit The Appraisal Foundation’s FAQ.  This course is designed to assist appraisers in all areas of appraisal practice seeking USPAP competency, including those who are subject to state licensing or certification and continuing education requirements of professional organizations, client groups, or employers.

In this course, we will cover: 

  • recent USPAP requirement changes
  • how the USPAP publication can be used to solve appraisal issues impacting your daily practices
  • case studies that demonstrate how USPAP applies in situations that appraisers may encounter

As part of the course, students will receive a copy of the 2024 USPAP publication, which also includes the USPAP Guidance and Reference Manual. The Guidance and Reference Manual is a new publication that includes the USPAP Advisory Opinions, USPAP Frequently Asked Questions, and a Reference Index. This publication is intended for students to use in the course and retain as a permanent reference source. 

The Appraisal Foundation requires you to have the most recent mandatory class materials to receive credit: 2024 USPAP Publication, USPAP Guidance and Reference Manual, and 2024 – 2025 7-hour USPAP Update Student Manual. Combined these materials have a value of $145.00 which is included in the course price.