Measuring 1-4 Unit Residential Properties-with ANSI Z765 Standard

Lakeland, FL August 9-10, 2024

Registration will begin at 12:45 pm EST. Class will be from 1:00 pm EST until 5:00 pm EST with one scheduled break.
For many appraisers, measuring one- to four-unit dwellings is something they learned from their supervisor many years ago.  However, a lack of uniform standards for measurement and calculation has resulted in measurement inconsistencies within the profession. This course will cover best practices for measuring residential dwellings and will focus heavily on the ANSI Z765-2021 Standard, which is the only national standard for measuring properties adopted by state appraisal regulatory agencies.  The course also addresses Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines, as well as measuring 2-4 unit properties, which are not covered by ANSI. 

During this 4-hour Continuing Education course, participants will be able to:  
  • Summarize why appraisers inspect and measure properties? 
  • Identify the benchmarks for an acceptable scope of work Identify 
  • Describe basic best practices for measuring residences? 
  • Recognize the importance of rounding 
  • Summarize measurement techniques for odd-shaped dwellings and areas? 
  • Identify the scope and purpose of ANSI Z765 
  • Define terms used in ANSI Z765 
  • Identify areas that are not included in square footage under ANSI Z765?? 
  • Describe how to measure and calculate square footage under ANSI Z765? 
  • Explain how to address stairs and sloped ceiling areas when calculating square footage? 
  • Identify required declarations and statements under ANSI Z765? 
  • Identify and calculate gross building area (GBA) for two- to four-unit properties