Mortgage Fraud Insights-Case Studies for Appraisers

Tamarac, FL November 7-8, 2024

Registration will begin at 12:45 pm EST. Class will be from 1:00 pm EST until 5:00 pm EST with one scheduled break.

This course provides an in-depth look at mortgage and valuation fraud in the United States.  First, the course will cover the definition of fraud and other related terms, and how these terms apply in mortgage lending and appraising.  
Illustrations and examples of various fraud schemes are offered. These include flipping, silent seconds, and cash back at closing schemes.  The appraiser’s role in various types of swindles will be examined.  We will also discuss appraisal pressure and what appraisers can do to combat it.
Next, various enforcement and legal issues, including civil vs. criminal liability, investigation and prosecution of appraisers, and appraiser identity theft will be studied in detail. Finally, the course outlines actions that appraisers can take to help ensure they do not become ensnared in the web of a fraud scheme.