Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions (Yellow Book) Course


The Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions (Yellow Book), Sixth Edition, is the basis for this course.  The course follows the Standards’ format in first discussing appraisal development, followed by appraisal reporting, and then addressing appraisal review, before covering legal foundations for the Standards.
The course uses the Yellow Book’s appraisal methodology and, whenever possible, its terminology.  While the Yellow Book does not specifically reference the case law, citations are provided throughout the Yellow Book and in the “Table of Authorities” (Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions, pages 220-241).  Also, most case law, especially Supreme Court decisions, that is referenced in the Yellow Book is available at Justia (Justia.com), FindLaw (caselaw.findlaw.com), and OpenJurist (openjurist.org).  You don’t have to be a law student or a legal scholar to read and glean useful information from case law.
The course relies heavily on the source document itself for its content with many course author-developed discussions and problems interspersed throughout the material to provide practical applications of the points discussed.  The Yellow Book and this course are written for clarity and readability and should serve as useful and understandable guidance for appraisers, attorneys, and the public.