Supporting Your Adjustments: Methods for Residential Appraisers

This course is developed specifically for residential appraisers who want to use appropriate methodologies to develop and support adjustments in the sales comparison approach to value. Intended Users of residential appraisals today expect significant adjustments to be market based and well-supported. This course assumes that you have had training and some experience with the appropriate development of the sales comparison approach.
This course supplements your training by presenting several methods of developing and supporting your adjustments. The first chapter begins with the proper sequence of adjustments and a quick review of several foundational appraisal principles. Numerous methods of developing gross living area (GLA) adjustments are presented next.
Methodologies for developing bedroom and bathroom adjustments follow in the second chapter, along with an introduction to employing income capitalization to develop and support adjustments. Subsequent chapters present additional methodologies to develop market-based adjustments for changing market conditions over time, builder upgrades, sales concessions, basements finishes, outbuildings, accessory dwelling units, and view amenities.
Whether you have abundant sales and rental data, or a scarcity of data, these methods can strengthen your appraisal quality by supporting your adjustments. Logic and reasoning are also discussed throughout the course, so you are empowered to produce and report credible results.