Divorce and Estate Appraisals: Elements of Non-Lender Work

These days, many appraisers are expressing dissatisfaction with mortgage lending appraisal assignments, and are turning their attention to appraisal assignments for other intended uses.  Divorces and estates can be two lucrative sources of appraisal assignments; they don’t require UAD compliance and there won’t be any underwriter addendum requests or “stips.” This course will focus on the common elements between divorce and estate appraisals with primary emphasis on how these types of appraisals are different from standard mortgage lending appraisals. There will also be coverage of form differences, USPAP issues, and assignment conditions. This course will also look at the letter of engagement as a foundation for the divorce or estate appraisal assignment.  Finally, marketing will be covered, including some helpful tips on how to improve your marketing skills and attract more non-lender clients.