Live Webinar: Diversify Your Practice with Assessment Appeals

Assessment appeals are the mechanism that property owners use to dispute their assessment with their local taxing jurisdiction(s). There are a variety of procedures for appealing tax assessments, and it may require hiring a professional appraiser. Assessed value appeals are handled on various levels and an appraiser can be engaged by a variety of clients (taxpayers, agents for the taxpayer, legal and financial advisors, hearing boards, assessment review boards, etc.). Assessment appeal work provides a great opportunity to diversify your appraisal practice. 
This course has been designed to be applicable to practicing appraisers nationwide and does not address all of the specific local jurisdictional laws and regulations, which tend to vary greatly. There are two aspects of an assessment appeal: matters of valuation or fact, such as the amount of an assessment, and matters of law, such as the interpretation of statutes. This course addresses matters of valuation of real property.