Oregon Appraisal Continuing Education & License Renewal

Whether you’re just getting started or are a seasoned appraiser, McKissock has you covered with high-quality Oregon appraisal continuing education and Oregon license renewal courses, industry expertise and convenience. Our convenient online appraisal classes are written by top-quality instructors to reflect the most recent appraisal practices in Oregon. Trust McKissock as thousands of appraisers in Little Rock, Fort Smith, Fayetteville, Springdale, Jonesboro and across Oregon choose us for their Oregon appraisal continuing education.

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Oregon Appraisal Licensing Education Packages

Save up to 17% on Oregon Appraisal Continuing Education & License Renewal packages created just for you. Select packages based on the hours you need and the topics that interest you.

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OR Appraisal Unlimited Learning Membership

Choose from 2 payment options
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Payment plans starting at $399/year


  • You are single or multi-licensed; one price gets you all your education for two years (including USPAP).
  • You can use a searchable digital library of professional resources anytime you have a question.
  • You want access to a support network of other appraisers and instructors.
  • Choose how you learn: online courses or Pro-Series webinars.
  • Maximize your learning with one set price; includes access to additional courses beyond state requirements.


  • Two-years of UNLIMITED access to 28+ hours of mandatory and elective courses you can take any time for Oregon renewal and/or your professional career development
  • USPAP update course and PDF book: $224.99 value
  • Free access to monthly Pro-Series webinars: $576 value
  • Become a Certified Luxury and/or Green Home Appraiser (application, courses, exam, & certificate)$1,225 value
  • Exclusive access to a resource library of professional development tools within your dashboard
  • A members-only community of appraisers and instructors from around the country
  • Exclusive member discounts from select industry partners – Includes 14-Day Trial & 20% off ANOW Business Management Software
  • Completion certificates for Oregon and other licensed states: $100 value per state
  • Automatic report of course completions to Oregon/other states you’re licensed in.
  • Excellent customer service & support via phone and email, 7 days a week
  • 2 payment options – $399 annually or $774 biennially. Two-year commitment required.
  • Great savings! VIEW DETAILS  


  • 2022-2023 7-hour National USPAP Course (7 hrs) NO EXAM(7 hrs)
  • Green Building Concepts for Appraisers (7 hrs)
  • Residential Property Inspection for Appraisers (7 hrs)
  • Residential Property Measurement and ANSI Z765 (4 hrs)
  • Best Practices for Completing Bifurcated and Hybrid Appraisals (3 hrs)

*Example above illustrates 28+ hours of recommended continuing education courses to get you started. Choose from our extensive library of courses to add these or additional ones, any time.


**This is an auto-renew membership. Two-year minimum commitment is required at the time of initial purchase.  Additional renewal terms are for two-years each.

28-hr Self-Paced Online Renewal Package


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  • Step 2: Select ENROLL to buy this package as-is.
  • Step 3: Need to swap courses? Click HERE to choose course options.



  • You are licensed in Oregon (or multiple states) and require license renewal or additional credit.
  • As a busy appraiser, a self-paced learning approach best fits your lifestyle.
  • You require basic cycle renewal hours, including national USPAP.


28 hours of self-paced online courses for Oregon renewal
Phone and email support, 7 days a week
Automatic report of course completions to Oregon
Completion certificates for Oregon


2022-2023 7-hour National USPAP Update Course (7 hrs)
Green Building Concepts for Appraisers (7 hrs)
Residential Property Inspection for Appraisers (7 hrs)
Residential Property measurement and ANSI Z765 (4 hrs)
Best Practices for Completing Bifurcated an Hybrid Appraisals (3 hrs)
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