Live Webinar: Appraising Complex and Stigmatized Residential Properties

This course is designed for residential appraisers who want to expand their skills to enable them to take on more difficult and complex assignments, and for those who want to learn new techniques for developing creative solutions to complex residential appraisal problems.   
The course begins with an overview of the factors that make a property complex. Unique physical characteristics, nonconformity, and location can all contribute to making an appraisal assignment complex and difficult. Students are provided with different appraisal strategies based on differing factors of complexity, along with examples of how these strategies might be applied.  
Since no two complex properties are the same, the course is designed to teach students a systematic approach to solving the appraisal problem, rather than a “one-size-fits-all” solution.  Students will apply some of the techniques to real-world case study problems that are designed to reinforce the learning experience.