That's a Violation

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This course is iPad compatible. Disciplinary complaints against appraisers have become more numerous over the last several years, although not all complaints result in disciplinary action. In this course, we will cover the basic components of the appraiser licensing and certification system, and examine the complaint process in general. We will cover The Appraisal Foundation’s Voluntary Disciplinary Actions Matrix, and will provide examples of each type of violation listed. The examples and case studies in this course are all from actual cases filed against appraisers and adjudicated by state appraisal enforcement agencies. Students will learn about common violations and how to avoid them. We will cover minor development and reporting violations, as well as more serious ETHICS RULE and COMPETENCY RULE violations. Finally, we will go over several case study examples and discuss what violations (if any) occurred how the appraiser could have avoided the problem. We will also discuss do’s and don’ts regarding what an appraiser should do if they become the respondent in a complaint.

Chapter list:

1. USPAP and State Laws and Rules
2. The Appraisal Foundation’s Voluntary Disciplinary Action Matrix
3. Development and Reporting Violations
4. Ethics and Competency Violations
5. Is That a Violation? You Be the Judge!
6. Final Details