Appraisal of Self-Storage Facilities


This course is developed specifically for the commercial appraiser who wants to branch out into the specialty of self-storage facility appraisals. The course assumes that the student appraiser has had training on the Sales Comparison Approach and the Income Approach including Discounted Cash Flow analysis as this course ties that training to the specialty of self-storage facility appraisal.
The initial chapters give the appraiser a foundation in the self-storage market and the factors that influence supply and demand. The Sales Comparison Approach material addresses adjustments that are unique to self-storage or that can be adapted for self-storage. The two Income Approach chapters familiarize the appraiser with how to: (1) understand the development of income, expenses and capital expenditures specific to self-storage and (2) apply the Income Approach to both stabilized and un-stabilized self-storage facilities.