7-Hour Live Stream USPAP Update Course

At McKissock, we’re shaking things up with how we deliver your USPAP Update Course. Not only can you complete the course in a live stream setting, but the curriculum is different, too.

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When you enroll as a McKissock member, everything you need for the 2022-2023 National USPAP Update Course is included at no extra cost. Plus, enjoy exclusive access to professional development tools, tips, and resources other appraisers only dream of. Learn more.

McKissock: Bringing USPAP Update Courses to your couch

With McKissock, you’ll never have to wonder whether your USPAP Update Courses are anything less than exceptional. Why? Because top appraisers develop and teach all course content. We pride ourselves on delivering exactly what you need, year over year, to advance your knowledge of appraisal’s latest performance and practice standards.

Live stream class

Take this 7-hour class from the comfort of home through a live stream setting, where instructors teach this year’s USPAP Update Course in real time from any device with no exams.

Supplemental course reference manual

Your course purchase includes the current edition of the USPAP book and The Appraisal Foundation’s brand new USPAP Reference Manual.

Two-day live stream class option

If live streaming is your learning preference — but dedicating a full day to class doesn’t gel with your work schedule — spread the course curriculum over two consecutive days. 

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and did not stray from the course. I feel like I know more about USPAP than I ever did.”

 – James A. from Indiana

“Best USPAP class ever. McKissock has become my go-to CE provider.”

– Sunny T. from Florida

“Good experience, especially with USPAP. The instructor broke it down in a way that really made sense after taking it for more than 20 years.”

– Daniel F. from Michigan