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Appraiser reading frustrating emails from clients and AMCs

Clients and AMCs Say the Darndest Things

A student contacted me with the following dilemma concerning an Appraisal Management Company (AMC) request: “I told the Management Company that I cannot mark the Zoning Compliance as ‘Legal’ if the report is marked “as-is,” because this would not be true for the current…

businessman shaking hands

Top 10 Tips for Working with AMCs

We love to hate them. But with a majority of the mortgage appraisal volume being engaged through appraisal management companies, as an appraiser, working with AMCs is almost a necessity today. One way to boost your business is by working smarter with your AMC…

What Appraisers Should Look for in 2019

What Appraisers Should Look for in 2019

Rising interest rates, a slowdown in home purchases, and consolidation of the lending industry comprise the three predicted events most likely to affect the appraisal business in 2019. But while home sales may slow or stagnate, appraisers can still profit from the proliferation of…

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