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10 Reasons to Love Membership

10 Reasons to Love Membership

For experienced appraisers, the idea of lifelong learning is not a new one. The appraisal profession relies on continuously upgrading your skills and staying up-to-date. It’s not just about continuing education courses—professional development can have a significant impact on the direction of your career.…

Best Podcasts for Appraisers

Best Podcasts for Appraisers

It’s no secret that appraisers spend a lot of time in the car. Whether you’re driving to and from subject properties or sitting at your desk back at the office, podcasts are a great source of entertainment, info, and industry insights. Pop in your…


Terrifying Encounters from Real-Life Appraisers

Property appraisal is not typically thought of as a “dangerous” profession per se. However, personal safety is definitely something to consider when preparing for an appraisal inspection. We recently asked our real estate appraisal community on Facebook, “What’s the scariest thing you’ve encountered during…

desktop appraisals

Are Desktop Appraisals the Future?

Desktops, alternative valuation products (AVPs), and other limited scope appraisals are on the rise. While it is difficult to predict the future of the appraisal profession, the fact is, desktop appraisals are here now. And they’re becoming more commonplace. Many non-lender clients—and some lenders—are…

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