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Desktop Appraisal Capabilities Continue to Develop

Desktop Appraisal Capabilities Continue to Develop

Desktop appraisal software, and related products and services, continue to gain sophistication, integration, and comprehensiveness. While desktop appraisals will never entirely supplant appraisals that include a personal visit to the property, they have in many cases made that type of appraisal unnecessary. Indeed, appraisers…

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Are Desktop Appraisals the Future?

Desktops, alternative valuation products (AVPs), and other limited scope appraisals are on the rise. While it is difficult to predict the future of the appraisal profession, the fact is, desktop appraisals are here now. And they’re becoming more commonplace. Many non-lender clients—and some lenders—are…

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These Non-Traditional Property Valuation Services Are on the Rise

Clients are increasingly requesting different types of appraisals in lieu of the traditional “full” appraisal. There are many different types of these non-traditional or “limited scope” assignments—including evaluations, desktop appraisals, appraiser-assisted AVMs, and other alternative valuation products (AVPs). Here we outline common types of non-traditional…

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