Appraisal News: Changes, Communication, Cybercrime, and More

appraisal news communication cybercrime

We gathered some of the latest in appraisal news and put it in one place for your reading pleasure. Here’s what’s on tap. An interview with a long-time appraiser offers insights into the profession’s future—as well its past. USPAP makes it clear that communicating with appraisers is not only okay but also a must for credible assignments. Be vigilant about email scams, particularly one that is specifically targeting appraisers. And just for fun: a look into Super Bowl champ Tom Brady’s multimillion dollar homes.

Advice from a pro: We must take an active part in our appraisal profession

Take it from an appraisal veteran: Changes in the appraisal profession, including a wider scope of work and more complex assignments, have made it more challenging for appraisers. Read here for predictions on the future from an appraiser who has lived through several decades of the past.

Communicating with real estate appraisers

David Bunton, President of The Appraisal Foundation, offers consumers useful insights and resources for communicating with appraisers. Refresh your knowledge of what is and isn’t allowed when communicating (or pass the tips along to others).

Appraisal phishing scam alert

Beware of a new phishing scam that originates with an email saying someone filed a complaint against your appraisal practice. Read on for more information that can help protect you and your business from cybercriminals.

Too few appraisers, too little income

Mortgage News Daily weighs in on headlines across the appraisal profession. They cover a brief acknowledgment of the lack of new, young appraisers, and why they’re choosing different lines of business that can pay them more much much sooner. Along the same lines, they point out that appraisers are the least underpaid part of the real estate transaction.

A look inside Tom Brady’s multimillion-dollar homes

Add these to the “houses we’d like to appraise” list. King of football, Tom Brady, is also a big player in real estate. Brady owns properties on both coasts, from a solar-paneled mansion with a moat in Los Angeles to a sprawling spread near Boston. Take a look inside the incredible estates.

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