3 Top Benefits of Appraising Green Homes

Modern green home exterior with solar panel awnings

Over the last decade, energy efficiency and sustainability have been advancing in the public consciousness, and green residences have become mainstream in many markets. As people continue to build and retrofit according to more eco-friendly standards, the value of “green” has come into greater demand, presenting an opportunity for real estate appraisers. Here are just a few of the top benefits of appraising green homes.

1. Green homes are gaining popularity

The popularity of green homes continues to rise steadily with each year. The U.S. Green Building Council reports that the number of LEED-certified homes in the U.S. increased 19% from 2017 to 2019. And according to ENERGY PULSE®, a consumer energy study and survey that investigates energy consumption and conservation attitudes, 86% of Americans would choose one home over another based on energy efficiency.

Furthermore, as local governments and advisory councils put more emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly building practices, the prevalence of green technology and building practices in homes is sure to be wide-spread in a matter of years.

Therefore, it stands to reason that at some point in the near future all appraisers will need at least some understanding of green home features. Those who stay ahead of the curve and start learning about green home appraisals now are poised to be in high demand once green homes become more and more prevalent across the country.

2. Green home appraisers offer a unique skill set

The complexity of many green homes, along with the rise in popularity of green homes in recent years, has increased the demand for appraisers who have the skills and experience that non-appraisers and automated tools just don’t have.

Green home appraisers need to be able to demonstrate a deep knowledge of green principles and features, keep up with new policy developments and technology trends, as well as a slew of other variables that go into a green home valuation, making green home appraisers highly coveted.

For appraisers, this can mean greater job security and the ability to charge higher fees for their work.

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3. Green home appraisers get to do exciting, challenging work

If you’re looking for something to spice up your workday, taking on green home appraisals could be the way to go. Not only do you get to appraise complex homes, you get to learn more about the latest in green technology and construction as well as learn more about savvy homeowners and their motivation for “going green.”

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