4 Ways Appraisers Can Make Time for the Work That Matters

blog_image_real-estate-appraisal-work.jpgNo matter what industry you’re in, when things get busy it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. It can seem impossible to get all of your work done with only 24 hours in the day. But there are some tried-and-true methods for eliminating the minutiae to drill down on the real estate appraisal work that matters.

For appraisers, this can often mean streamlining—or delegating—many of the administrative tasks that come with running a business so that your focus can return to the work that matters. You make money when you’re doing appraisals, so being able to make this a priority can help you grow your business.

Here are four tips on how to create time for the work that matters:

Identify less important tasks

Look at your daily activities and decide which are the most important and which are the least important. Tasks such as checking email every 10 minutes, for example, could be reduced to checking email at set intervals throughout the day.

You need to decide which tasks are productive and which are just taking up valuable time before you can truly organize and streamline your day. For appraisers, it’s important to remember that your earnings correlate directly with how many appraisals you do. Is this your most important task?

Sort tasks based on importance

Make a list of your low-value tasks and sort them into four categories: negatives, off-load opportunities, must-dos, and redos. Negatives are tasks that you can cease doing that won’t affect you negatively. Off-load opportunities are tasks you can delegate to someone else with little effort. Must-dos are tasks that require your personal touch, such as appraisals. Redos are projects that you can streamline by redesigning or restructuring them.

Sorting tasks by importance will help you determine how much you are contributing to your company and how you can appraise more properties faster and more efficiently. You may find that certain tasks can be passed off to an assistant or team member to free up your time to evaluate properties.

Think of administrative tasks that you do on a daily basis and try to find more efficient ways to complete them so you can focus more on the work that matters and less on busy work that is taking up precious time. Maybe it’s time to hire an administrative assistant or move all your administrative tasks to a particular day of the week.

Technology can also help. Perhaps you like to keep all of your documents in a filing system, and you spend time sifting through them to locate valuable information. Scan these files and store them on your computer so that you can search and find what you are looking for in a fraction of the time.

Our blog, 6 Favorite Apps of a Real Estate Appraiser, is the perfect place to start —you’ll find tech suggestions that will streamline your day and your business.

Use newly freed-up time

Now that you have determined the most important tasks you must complete every day, decide how to utilize the new time you now have. Make a list of two or three tasks that you should be doing but aren’t and try to accomplish these tasks with your new-found time.

Maybe you can spend more time growing your business, or perhaps you can leave the office early to be with your family. By delegating tasks to others and by eliminating those that are not necessities, you free up time to focus on what matters.

For appraisers, becoming a thought-leader in your community can have an enormous impact on your business. When local real estate agents, lenders, and other players in the real estate space can turn to you for advice and expertise, that will only help your business grow. Consider spending your new free time on content marketing, networking and business development activities.

Commit to the plan

Whether you have five properties to visit and appraise, or you are networking and trying to gain new clients, you need to have a set list of tasks that are the focus and core of your business. This process is entirely self-directed, and it is crucial that you commit to it to be more productive and hold yourself accountable to accomplishing things that matter. It may be difficult to keep these changes in place to avoid falling back into old habits, but express your commitment to this new process to your colleagues and superiors to help keep you accountable.

By ensuring that you are properly spending your work hours on the things that matter, you can become more productive and have more energy to devote to becoming a leader in the appraisal business.

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