5 FAQs About Getting Your Appraisal License Online in Montana

appraisal license online in montanaDid you know you can get your real estate appraisal license online in the state of Montana? As of April 14, 2018, Montana licensees are no longer required to complete at least 50% of courses in a live classroom. You now have the option to fulfill 100% of your qualifying education requirements via online classes. Online versions of all required licensing courses are now available at McKissock.com. Below, we answer questions about earning your appraisal license online in Montana.

Ready to launch your appraisal career? Earn your appraisal license online in Montana.

1. What are the requirements for getting your appraisal license online in Montana?

Qualifying education (QE) requirements

Licensees must complete a total of 150 QE hours consisting of the following courses, which are now available online at McKissock.com:

Additional requirements: Experience and college education

Montana appraisal licensees must complete 2,000 hours of acceptable appraisal experience in not less than 18 months. Licensees must have an Associate Degree or higher. In lieu of the required degree, thirty (30) semester credit hours covering specific subject matter courses may be used.

What if you want to become an appraisal trainee?

In Montana, you can start out at the trainee level before earning your full license. Trainees must complete 75 QE hours (15-hour National USPAP Course or Equivalent, Basic Appraisal Principles, and Basic Appraisal Procedures) plus the AQB Supervisor/Trainee course requirement.

View the full Montana appraisal license requirements.

2. Is there any part of the Montana appraisal licensing process that still has to be done in person?

Upon the completion of each course, you will be required to complete a proctored exam. For more info, please refer to our FAQ on who can be an exam proctor.

3. What other options are available for getting licensed in Montana, besides online licensing?

You can still complete live courses (i.e., classroom courses) in order to obtain a license. Montana appraisal licensees used to be required to take at least 50% of their courses in a live classroom; however, effective April 14, 2018, you are officially allowed to take %100 of your appraisal license courses online.

4. Is online appraisal licensing available in other states, too?

Yes! Most states allow online qualifying education. There are only a few states that still require some or all classes to be completed in a live classroom.

5. What are the advantages of getting your appraisal license online?

Online courses give you the ease and convenience of completing coursework on your own time, rather than having to set time aside to go to a live class. Courses are set up so you can log in and out as often as you need to, so you can easily fit them around your busy schedule.

Ready to launch your appraisal career? Earn your appraisal license online in Montana.

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