7 Tips for Building Strong Appraiser-Client Relationships

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Top earners in the appraisal profession are those who consistently bring in new clients. Are you looking to earn more referrals and repeat business? Start by fostering good relationships with your appraisal customers. Taking the time and effort to build strong appraiser-client relationships is a great way to establish a good reputation and distinguish yourself from the competition so that you can easily generate new business via client referrals and word-of-mouth.

Be courteous and professional

Treat all current and potential clients politely and professionally from the get-go. This may seem obvious. But it’s worth spelling out, because a courteous and professional demeanor is essential to making a good first impression and providing a positive customer service experience throughout the entire appraisal process, from acceptance to delivery.

Deliver reports on time

Timeliness is extremely important in every step of a real estate transaction. Always deliver your appraisal reports on time, and do not accept an assignment if you’re unsure whether you can deliver by the required deadline. If you’re working with AMCs, be sure to complete your report within 24–48 hours after the appraisal inspection, as many AMCs will score you on this metric.

Communicate with the client

Client communication and education are also important, especially when working with new appraisal clients. Take the time to explain the appraisal process, communicate what you do and don’t look for, and—no matter what type of client you’re working with—do your very best to provide timely status updates throughout the process.

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Produce high-quality work

One of the best ways to earn repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals is to simply do your job well. Make sure your appraisal reports and opinions of value are thoroughly researched, well-explained, and reliable. An additional perk of producing high-quality work is that you will save yourself time by avoiding revision requests.

Go above and beyond

Come up with additional ways to help out your clients, such as providing a checklist for homeowners on how to prepare for the appraisal inspection or offering advice on the best ways to boost home value. When you go the extra mile for your clients, you can bet they will remember your name and happily pass it on to anyone they know who’s in need of appraisal services.

Connect with clients online

Utilize online marketing channels to promote your appraisal business and engage with prospective clients. Make yourself available to answer any questions people may have about the appraisal process, the local housing market, or general real estate topics. You could do this proactively by writing and sharing blog articles that answer common questions, or you could make it a point to respond to any real estate-related questions posted by members of your social media community.

Always be ethical

Last but certainly not least, always behave ethically and stick to your guns when faced with appraisal pressure. In order to provide trustworthy results and uphold the integrity of the appraisal profession, you must be ethical, honest, and unbiased in your work. Otherwise, you risk losing your professional reputation. This could mean turning down business from time to time, but ultimately you will earn more business by maintaining your good reputation.

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