Appraisal Buzzwords and Phrases that Make Your Skin Crawl

Appraisers on the McKissock Appraisal Education Facebook page shared appraisal buzzwords and phrases that make their skin crawl. Can you relate?

1. “Please add two more active listings and closed sales.” Nah, I’m good…


2. “This will be an easy one for you to do.”


3. “Outside sources reveal the following comparable properties.”


4. “Zillow says…”


5. “But the tax assessed value is…”


6. “My REALTOR said…”


7. “Just calling to check the status of the appraisal…” (at 6:30 AM)


8. “Oh dear, I forgot about our appointment.”


9. “Price per square foot.”


10. “What’s your turn time?”

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