Appraisal News: Challenges, Fees, Values, Unusual Homes, More

unusual homesAs the weekend draws near, we’ve pulled together some appraisal-focused stories. A recent survey by NAR gathers insights on the issues appraisers are talking about, which ties in nicely to a blog about having your appraiser voice heard among the din of a country that is speaking loudly. Some insight into appraiser fees and varied valuations round out the appraisal news. To wrap things up, we’ve included a slideshow of some of the most unusual homes in the country. And in honor of St. Paddy’s Day, Sláinte!

Appraiser survey shows challenges remain for practitioners

The National Association of Realtors’ recent survey data uncovers the issues that appraisers are talking about, including training, turnaround time, and tenure. NAR is working with the FHA to address these concerns.

How to successfully have your appraiser voice heard

Given the current political climate in this country, people are talking—about everything. But are their voices being heard? And what about appraisers? This article provides suggestions for taking back control over the news reported about the profession.

The ugly truth about appraisal fees

This article reveals some of the unpleasantness that can happen in the appraisal profession when working with Appraisal Management Companies. Some appraisers wistfully look back to the days when they cultivated their own clients. Weigh in with your own thoughts on the subject in the comments section.

When value is higher on one street than another

Some neighborhoods are straightforward when it comes to appraisals, particularly when the houses are similar in size and features. But what about older neighborhoods where the homes are the opposite of cookie-cutter tract houses?

The strangest and most unusual homes on the market

Most appraisers have had their fair share of unusual properties to appraise, but what about the Mushroom House? There’s one in Pittsford, New York, which boasts three separate mushroom-shaped structures called “pods.” There’s also the Monolithic Domehouse in El Prado, New Mexico, and the Floating Home in Seattle. Lack of comparables is only part of the puzzle with these unique buildings.


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