Appraisal News Round-Up: Appraisal Reform, Change, Shortage, Time Out, More

appraisal reform
This week’s appraisal news includes appraisal reform for the future and a look back at whether the past accurately predicted the present.  We’ll look into whether there’s an actual appraisal shortage—or if appraisers are just weary of micromanagement. The Appraiser Coach offers up some advice on adding a timeout to your to-do list. And just for fun: a story about the lighter side of the profession.

Making appraisal reform part of housing finance reform

What does housing finance reform mean for appraisers? Some believe that it will require more information from appraisers to reduce investors’ risk. The comments to this article heartily disagree. What’s your take?

Changes coming for appraisers

The latest issue of Appraiser News looks to the past to address what is impacting appraisers in the present and potentially in the future, including modernizing appraisals—and appraisers. Did their March 2014 issue accurately predict how they foresaw the profession?

Appraiser shortage or just fed up?

As cost-cutting forces processes into automation, computerized micromanagement means an uptick in difficulties with the process. This article begs the question: Is there a shortage of appraisers—or just a lack of those who do not want to pay upload fees while being micromanaged by an automated system?

Take some time OUT of your appraisal business

For overworked appraisers, taking time out of their business might seem counterintuitive. But this article talks about rising above your situation and taking a look at yourself as a business owner as well as an appraiser. Find out how the principles of prosperity can impact your appraisal business for the better.

On the lighter side – appraiser’s story

An appraiser’s work often looks suspicious—driving by a home several times and taking photographs might raise a few eyebrows. Here’s an amusing look at one appraiser’s experience taking innocent pictures for comp purposes at a home that recently sold. Here’s a hint: It involved the wife of a DEA agent.

Have any appraisal stories of your own? We’d love to hear from you! Respond in the comments below.

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