Appraisal Waiver, Depositions, Housing Bubble, and More

appraisal waiver

This week’s top stories on appraisal cover an appraisal waiver request, and what this could mean for the appraisal profession. If you are ever subpoenaed, you will want to prepare properly for court. Many are concerned about the potential for another housing bubble. If it happens, would it be as bad as the most recent one? There’s good and bad news about alternative evaluations. And finally, some tales that just go to show appraisal actually can be dangerous!

And the assault continues

An appraisal waiver request by a Tennessee bank is behind this article on threats to the appraisal profession. Don’t miss the spirited discussion that follows the story.

Preparing for your deposition

Whether you are called on as a defendant or as an expert witness, this articles goes over tips for preparing yourself after getting a subpoena.

An open letter to buyers worried about a housing bubble

Sacramento appraiser Ryan Lundquist addresses concerns about an impending housing bubble.

The good and the bad about alternative evaluations

Will alternative evaluations be the reason many appraisers leave the profession? This article discusses that possibility.

Crazy appraisal stories from the front lines

Just for fun: From a moose blocking the front door to a robbery in progress, the appraisal profession never looked so dangerous!

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