Appraiser Shortage, Market Predictions, On-Time Payment, and More

appraiser shortage

Welcome to this week’s appraisal news. There’s a lot of talk about an appraisal shortage but not a lot of agreement; one article examines the statistics behind the arguments. Take a look at one appraiser’s thoughts on not being a doormat when it comes to getting paid. There’s also the latest on predicting the market and pricing homes properly. Then just for fun: 23 homes built—literally—in some of the most unusual spots in the world.

What does the appraiser shortage mean for appraisers?

Most people in the appraisal profession can agree that there has been a lot of talk about appraiser shortages in the past year. What many don’t agree on is whether there is truly a shortage—or just a lack of appraisers willing to work for low fees. This article takes anin-depth look to get to the bottom of all the buzz.

What’s your housing shtick?

From doom and gloom about the market to the Pollyanna approach—and everything in between, this article covers what people are talking about these days. Find out how to avoid clichés and focus on trends to make more accurate predictions.

5 things to consider when pricing your home in the current market

Birmingham blogger Tom Horn talks pricing homes appropriate for the market. Whether the home in question is in Birmingham or Poughkeepsie, letting the market speak with statistics and data provides a solid basis for a good price.

Appraisers need to learn to stop being doormats!

This article recommends taking a hard line approach with AMCs that don’t pay when appraisers complete the work—even though they have already received payment for the appraisal from the borrower. The discussion that follows is spirited, to say the least.

23 houses built in odd places

If you’ve ever had to appraise a home in an unusual location, you’ll appreciate the uncommon placement of these abodes. From a home nestled between two gargantuan boulders to another resting atop a 20-foot cliff surrounded by water, these homes are unlikely to have any comps!


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