Appraisers Share Their Top Professional Goals for 2022

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Appraisal industry insiders tend to agree that 2022 will generally be a good year for appraisers. As real property appraisers look ahead to the new year, we wanted to know where they plan to focus their efforts and what they will strive to achieve. So, we asked members of our appraisal community, “What is your top professional goal for 2022?” Here’s what they said.

What is your top professional goal for 2022?

What's your top professional goal for 2022?

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Achieve a better work-life balance (39%)

Work-life balance will be a top priority for many appraisers in 2022. Indeed, as we move toward a post-pandemic world, it seems to be top of mind for many people across all professions. If you are looking to spend more time working on passion projects or being with family next year, you may want to focus on streamlining your workflow to free up time.

Maintain my current business (18%)

A significant number of appraisers said their main focus will be to maintain their current business in 2022, rather than growing it or making other changes. Are you happy with the way things are going and simply want to maintain the status quo this year? McKissock offers convenient options for appraisal continuing education and license renewal.

Prepare for retirement (14%)

Quite a few appraisers said their top goal is to prepare for retirement. If you, too, see retirement on the horizon, here are some useful resources designed specifically with appraisers in mind:

Upgrade my appraisal license (11%)

“I’m hoping to officially be a certified residential appraiser in 2022!”

“Becoming a licensed appraiser could give my family some financial freedom.”

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Grow my business (7%)

“My business is expanding due to greatly increased demand for residential appraisal services. Future higher interest rates may have an impact on volume, but there are very few appraisers in my very rural area of central Pennsylvania.”

Earn a designation or certification (4%)

Only a few survey respondents said their top professional goal for 2022 is to earn a designation or certification. Developing a niche specialty can be a great way to elevate your career and earn more income. McKissock offers the following professional certification programs for residential appraisers:

Other (7%)

“I am interested in teaching more appraisal courses. I am an AQB Certified USPAP Instructor.”

“It’s been very difficult to get hired on as an Appraisal trainee here in Fayetteville NC. Just keep my nose down to the grind stone and push through no matter what!”

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