Real-Life Appraisers Suggest Ways to Make Their Jobs Easier

Real-Life Appraisers Suggest Ways to Make Their Jobs EasierIf you struggle with time management as an appraiser, you’re not alone. Professional appraisers across the country face many of the same hurdles to achieving a flawlessly efficient workday. Here, real-life appraisers share their wish list for things that would make their jobs easier and maximize their productivity.

Wouldn’t it be nice if…all AMCs moved to a text-based system for providing status updates?

“In my experience, only a few AMCs use the text-based system. The text-based system texts the appraiser for status updates such as entering an inspection date and then automatically sends a follow-up text at an appropriate time that allows for a simple yes or no response. The appraiser’s text response automatically updates the order status. This system saves time and helps eliminate the frustration caused by status emails that require you to login and maneuver through several areas of [the AMC’s website].”

Wouldn’t it be nice if…clients gave you time to actually follow up on a status email instead of immediately calling you?

For practical tips on how to manage status emails, check out our post: 7 Ways for Appraisers to Spend Less Time on Email.

Wouldn’t it be nice if…clients received automatic notifications regarding appointments and delays?

“If I could track appointments, delays, and the like in the system and have it automatically send a notification to my client, it would avoid doing this repetitively.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if…order requests were received via email instead of by phone?

“I have reduced phone calls to about 10% of my appraisal business. I receive order requests by email and respond by email. No unnecessary phone conversations. Just look at the email, research the property and quote a fee and turn time.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if…there was a website for appraisers to list which companies need help?

“There are seasonal slow downs and business is always shifting from one company to the next. Makes it difficult to keep with new business. A website for appraisers to list who needs help would be great.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if…you could eliminate scope creep?

“Scope creep is real and it takes time away from starting and finishing other projects, which impacts an appraiser’s potential earnings.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if…you didn’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of time making silly corrections or answering irrelevant questions about appraisals?

Wouldn’t it be nice if…you didn’t have to obtain original comp photos?

“In my area, taking comp photos requires a lot of travel time. More often than not, comps are not in the subject town. A waste of time that could be better spent actually working on appraisals.”

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