Mobile Appraising, Secrets of a Real Estate Appraisal, and More Awesome Videos for Appraisers

Awesome Videos for AppraisersThe internet has given us the ability to access a wealth of human knowledge instantly. This unlimited access to information means you can develop your professional abilities from the comfort of your home. YouTube videos, in particular, offer a cheap and easy way to polish your appraisal skills. Here are six awesome videos for appraisers available for free online.

Secrets of a Real Estate Appraisal

by The Firehill Group

This video goes over some of the lesser-known truths about the real estate appraisal profession. Of particular note is the assertion that many appraisers lack true geographic competency and ways that appraisers can fix this hole in their process.

A Few Laser Measuring Tips

by The Appraiser Coach

Second on our list of awesome videos for appraisers is, “A Few Laser Measuring Tips.” What appraiser has not had problems with their laser levels or measuring tools? While we have seen a tremendous amount of progress with laser measuring technology over the past few decades, there are still imperfections in hardware and practice. This video goes over some of the best models of appraiser laser measuring tools and best practices for getting the most out of their use.

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Mobile Appraising

by The Appraiser Coach

The development of mobile technology has been a godsend for many appraisers. Instead of having to collect data and analyze it back at the office, many appraisers have turned their vehicles into full-fledged mobile workstations where they can access neighborhood comps, analyze appraisal data, and send reports to clients or colleagues. In this video, The Appraiser Coach shows how to do an appraisal inspection using a tablet and a laser measuring tool.

ASB Q&A Video on Hybrid Appraisals

by The Appraisal Foundation

The Appraisal Standards Board posted this Q&A video relating to hybrid appraisal assignments. These “hybrid” assignments require that a professional other than the appraiser is responsible for inspecting the subject property. Hybrid appraisals are becoming more common, and appraisers would do well to understand the process.

What Improvements Increase The Value of a Home

by Kris Krohn/Limitless TV

Next on our list of awesome videos is titled, “What Improvements Increase the Value of a Home.” Great appraisers have a deep and nuanced understanding of the science and study of the residential valuation process. Every appraisal is somewhat subjective, but learning the reasons why certain features like covered awnings or high ceilings contribute to residential property values is invaluable knowledge for an appraiser. Watch here.

Home Appraisal – Answers to 8 Common Questions

by Shine Insurance

This video is an excellent reference to help you explain the common questions that homeowners have about the appraisal process. Common questions and topics such as the difference between an inspection and an appraisal, how valuations are determined, and who hires an appraiser are all addressed in this video.

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