Best Podcasts for Appraisers

Best Podcasts for AppraisersIt’s no secret that appraisers spend a lot of time in the car. Whether you’re driving to and from subject properties or sitting at your desk back at the office, podcasts are a great source of entertainment, info, and industry insights. Pop in your headphones and check out our list of the best podcasts for appraisers.

Voice of Appraisal

Voice of Appraisal with Phil Crawford is designed to deliver the latest news and information for the working real estate appraiser. The podcast analyses real estate trends and issues that affect appraisers all over the country. Crawford takes a “no-nonsense” approach to appraisal, real estate, banking, and politics and provides seldom-heard insights into the appraisal profession.

The Appraiser Coach

The Appraiser Coach Podcast with Dustin Harris provides helpful tips, tricks, ideas, and principles designed to make you a better appraisal business owner. As the Appraiser Coach, Harris is dedicated to teaching other appraisers to succeed and thrive. Each week on the podcast, he covers the latest industry news, interviews movers and shakers, talks to fellow appraisers about relevant topics, and shares his secrets to success.

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Bulletproof Real Estate

Bulletproof Real Estate with Andy Dane Carter is the #1 business podcast on iTunes, as of the beginning of October. Less than a year old, this popular podcast averages about 3,000 downloads per day. Carter covers everything you need to know about the real estate industry, and also discusses lifestyle topics like family, meditation, and fitness. He regularly features real estate bigwigs and prominent CEOs.

The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss Show is another top-ranking business podcast, with over 300 million downloads. In each episode, Ferriss analyzes world-class performers in various industries and breaks down positive tactics, tools, and routines you can use in your own life—including time management tricks, morning routines, and much more. The podcast is known for its friendly, long-form, raw interviews with featured guests.

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Next on our list of best podcasts for appraisers is Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Lee Dumas. This show is geared toward small business owners in all different types of industries. Dumas interviews successful small business owners ranging from tech start-up founders to solo entrepreneurs in order to explore their business journeys and provide deep insights and tips. Typical topics include business growth, marketing, and finance.

Office Hours with Spencer Rascoff

Office Hours with Spencer Rascoff, Zillow Group CEO, is a bi-monthly podcast that features interviews with thought leaders, CEOs, and politicians. Have you ever wondered, “When a couple of CEOs get in a room together, what do they talk about?” If so, this podcast is for you. Rascoff and his guests tackle tough questions, share hard-won insights, and discuss what leadership means in the digital age.

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