Best Sources for Keeping Up-to-Date on Real Estate Appraisal News

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As a property appraiser, an important part of your job is keeping up with the latest industry updates and the state of the real estate market. But where do you turn for this information? What are some good go-to news sources for appraisers? To find out, last month we asked our appraisal community, “What source(s) do you use for keeping up-to-date on current real estate appraisal news?” Here’s a breakdown of commonly used appraisal news sources, in order of popularity.

What source(s) do you use for keeping up-to-date on current real estate appraisal news?

Best Sources for Keeping Up-to-Date on Real Estate Appraisal News

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1. Educational provider

“I keep up via friends in the biz and McKissock.”

2. Update emails from an association

“I stay up-to-date with Appraisal Institute emails as well as company-wide intranet posts. However, I know I need to increase my level of appraisal self-education through other avenues.”

3. Magazines/journals

“I read and read and read and read. There are no shortcuts.”

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4. The Appraisal Foundation e-News

You can sign up for periodic updates from The Appraisal Foundation, including their monthly newsletter, here.

5. Appraiser organizations

“I work largely in the rural market. The ASFMRA has been an incredible source and networking society. When access to education was difficult, it was my supervisor and other members of ASFMRA that pointed me to McKissock.”

6. Appraiser webinars

Here at McKissock Learning, we host live Pro-Series appraisal webinars a few times a month, including FREE quarterly updates and Q&A sessions with The Appraisal Foundation and Fannie Mae. Access to all Pro-series webinars is included with membership.

7. Appraiser podcasts

Podcasts have by far offered the most genuine insights into the industry. The podcast format seems to allow for a more revealing look into how experienced appraisers think.”

8. Other (please specify)

Of the survey respondents who selected “Other,” many reported that they rely on their fellow appraisers for keeping up-to-date on real estate appraisal news. The full list of write-in responses includes the following:

“I have been very fortunate to work in an area where there is a network of independent appraisers that are engaged, curious and willing to share their knowledge. I am working with multiple supervisors towards my CR certification and having that diverse exposure to seasoned appraisers keeps me connected.”

“I use National Appraisers Forum every day, multiple times. Whatever is important is discussed there. Other sources are too old.”

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