Guide to Basic Website Optimization for Appraisers

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Optimizing your real estate appraisal website to improve your Google search ranking is a great way to bring in more clients and increase your earnings. When it comes to generating new business, having a strong online presence and being easy to find online are key. In the recorded webinar, “Appraisal Company Marketing Strategies that Work”—exclusively available to McKissock Unlimited Learning Members—Bryan Knowlton lays out a guide to basic website optimization for appraisers. Here are several key takeaways.

Basic SEO tips for appraisers

First of all, do you really need to have your own website? Yes! And beyond simply having a website, you’ll want to follow these basic search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines to make sure your site actually gets visitors.

  1. You must have a website, especially if you’re looking for non-lender work.
  2. Get a good URL. (Keep it short, but include valuation terms and possibly location.)
  3. Choose a simple and clean design template.
  4. Publish original content only. (No duplicate content!)
  5. Include a prominent phone number.
  6. Your name, address, and phone number must match 100% with local profiles.
  7. Make sure your website is mobile responsive.
  8. It must be a secure/locked website. (Check in your browser to make sure your URL begins with “https://” meaning the website is secure.)
  9. Add a privacy policy. (It’s okay to find a generic privacy policy online and copy and paste it.)
  10. Make a list of your primary search phrases.
  11. Use those phrases throughout your website and on different pages.
  12. Add content monthly (e.g., new web pages, blog posts).

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How to further enhance website optimization for appraisers

Adding optimized content to your appraisal website is a great way to step up your SEO game and target specific keywords (e.g., San Diego divorce appraisal) to help generate more clients seeking specific appraisal services within your local area.

Here are some ideas for adding SEO content to your website:

  • Create a page for each specific service you offer with great 350+ word descriptions.
  • Create a page for each of your primary service areas and describe your experience.
  • Create a page for each need (e.g., DOD, divorce, bankruptcy, bail bond).
  • Add a blog section to your website and publish new blog posts weekly or monthly. (Here are 20 topic ideas to get you started.)

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