10 Funny Halloween Costume Ideas for Appraisers

10 Funny Halloween Costume Ideas for AppraisersWhat are you and your colleagues planning to be for Halloween this year? Recently we asked our Facebook community, “What are the best Halloween costumes for appraisers?” Answers ranged from dark, to silly, to downright hilarious. If you’re looking for Halloween costume ideas for your appraisal office Halloween party (or any costume party for that matter), look no more.

Halloween costume ideas for appraisers

And the top 10 Halloween costume ideas for appraisers are…

1. Grim reaper

2. Underwriter

“Underwriter…you know…a scarecrow without a brain.😂😂”

3. Home inspector

A home inspector, since that is what most people think we are anyways.🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️😀

4. Reality check

A Reality Check, made out to the listing agent/buyer.

5. Giant tape measure

6. Feral cat

Or a threatening dog, like a Rottweiler…

7. Money Bag

“An empty or full money bag. Depending on who you’re tricking.”

8.Young person

A young person’s mask, because the average appraiser is getting old!😂

9. Inmate

10. Donald Trump

Do you have other ideas for funny Halloween costumes for appraisers? Join the conversation! Visit our Facebook page to add your comments. Or, sign up for our newsletter to have our monthly survey question sent straight to your inbox.

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