Hilarious Encounters from Real-Life Property Appraisers

Hilarious Encounters from Real-Life Property AppraisersIf you’ve been in the appraisal business for a while, chances are, you’ve come across some unexpected or funny things during property visits. We recently asked our real estate appraisal community on Facebook, “What’s the FUNNIEST thing you’ve encountered during an on-site appraisal inspection?” The answers we got from real-life property appraisers range from surprising to funny to startling—to downright hilarious.

Hilarious Encounters from Real-Life Property Appraisers

Animal encounters

“A very large pet hog under a pile of laundry in a master bath. No one warned me she was in there.”

I’ve run into a hog too, but at least I had a note ‘hog in room.'”

“A horse in the downstairs bedroom of a home with the door cut in 2 to make it look like a stable door!”

“Tiger on the loose like a family dog.”

“Alligator 🐊 in a kiddie pool in the basement.”

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Not photo friendly

“I appraised a funeral home one time. As hard as I tried to keep my interior photos ‘un-offensive,’ when I returned to the office, I discovered that one of my photos showed a foot with a toe tag in a lower bottom corner of the shot. Needless to say, I had to crop it. 😕”

“A million plus dollar home decorated with male appendages in every room of the house…the bathroom was very difficult to take pictures for the mortgage company due to the vast number of them.”

For adults only

“Strip pole in the bedroom of an 80 year old woman! She said she uses it for exercise. 😂”

“A door with locks in a soccer mom’s house—adult room (you get the point🤦🏼‍♀️).

A porn set up….mirrored walls, cameras everywhere, and shag carpeting.

Totally unexpected

“I was taking photos of my subject. It was a waterfront home. I go around to take a rear photo and there is grandma in the window stretching completely naked taking in the view.”

“A naked man in a recliner – ‘Oh I forgot you were coming today.'”

I was called to do an appraisal on a small foreclosure property in a not-so-desirable side of town. It was supposed to be a vacant property, but when I walked in the front door, I heard some noise up in the attic. As I proceeded to walk through the foyer of the house, I heard a little bit more noise, then all of a sudden somebody fell through the ceiling from the attic onto the floor in front of me. The funny part was, he was holding a 40 oz beer in his right hand as he flipped out of the ceiling and never spilled a drop and keeping it up right…lol! He panicked and looked at me eye to eye and asked me if I was the police, I told him no, I also told him I’m not here to kick him out, just here to do an appraisal for the bank. I also told him they can go back to doing whatever they were doing and I would only be there for about 15 minutes. Being that I was so impressed, that he fell from the ceiling cutting a flip or two and never spilling one ounce of beer. I had to let him know that I was impressed and I thought he must have been a trained professional, being able to not spill 1 oz as he was flipping and keeping it upright…lol! He then told me, ‘Yeah, I have many talents and drinking beers one of them!’ I told him to have a good day enjoy the rest of his beer and get back up in the attic so you’re not in my pictures, I don’t want to have to come back and take new ones!

Thanks to all the property appraisers who shared their funny stories. Do you have a story about a hilarious on-the-job experience? Visit our Facebook page to add your comments. For more jaw-dropping stories, check out our article: Terrifying Encounters from Real-Life Property Appraisers.

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