How to Work from Home Successfully: Tips for Appraisers

Real estate appraiser working from home

Many appraisers are self-employed or run their own small businesses—often out of their homes. Working from home has both advantages and disadvantages. We scoured the web to find useful tips on how to work from home successfully. Here’s a summary of our favorite tips for real estate appraisers, compiled from a variety of resources.

How to maximize productivity at home

Get started early

“Believe it or not,” says the author of this Hubspot guide, “one way to work from home productively is to dive into your to-do list as soon as you wake up. Simply getting a project started first thing in the morning can be the key to making progress on it gradually throughout the day.”

Create a commute

While the lack of commute is a great perk of working from home, there’s also a downside to not having this buffer time between home and work, says the author of this Fast Company article. She suggests creating a “version of a commute by setting aside time at the beginning of the day to create a list of priorities for the day, update social media pages, and browse emails to allow for the smooth transition into work mode.”

Plan your week in advance

“A great to-do list will cut hours of procrastination and confusion about what you should be doing next,” says the author of this Career Addict post. “At the beginning of the week, spend an hour making a detailed list of what you need to accomplish.” This will make your work week far more efficient.

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How to stay happy when working from home

Create opportunities for water cooler chat

According to this Fast Company article, “Lack of human interaction can cause home office workers to feel isolated from others.” The author suggests creating a message board that serves as a “virtual water cooler” where you can interact with your staff (or community of fellow real estate professionals) online.

Put Fido to work

Do you have a furry friend at home? This piece recommends bringing your pet into your workspace to create a happier and less stressful work environment. “Your pooch will reduce stress and increase productivity,” the author explains.


This Nextiva post recommends that you take a break during your workday to hit the gym or take a walk. “Exercise naturally boosts endorphins, which increase happiness, enjoyment, and interest levels, all of which are important for productivity.”

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How to work from home with children

Do you work from home while also caring for an infant or young children? This New York Times article has some excellent advice on how to be productive as a work-from-home parent. Here are our favorite tips from that piece:

Take advantage of sleep time

“New parents often hear the advice to sleep when the baby sleeps, but for some parents this can be the only available time for productivity,” the article points out. The authors recommend adjusting your kids’ bedtime, if possible, so you can squeeze in a couple hours of extra work time in the evening after they go to bed.

Free your hands

“With a smaller child, multitasking may be possible during quieter moments,” the authors explain. Take advantage of things like baby-wearing and hands-free pumping bras, they say. Also, consider moving to a standing desk (or switching out your desk chair with a yoga ball). This will allow you to sway or bounce while you work, which may help your baby stay content in a carrier for longer stretches of time.

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