McKissock Launches New Certified Green Home Appraiser Program

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McKissock Learning is excited to announce the launch of our new Certified Green Home Appraiser (CGHA) program, now available to certified residential and certified general appraisers in many states.

Green technology and the popularity of green living are advancing rapidly, creating an opportunity for real estate appraisers with specialized knowledge and expertise in the area of eco-friendly housing. Leverage this opportunity to grow your business—and keep up with changes in the market—by becoming a Certified Green Home Appraiser.

Why become a certified green home appraiser?

Appraisers all over the country are seeing an increased need for the valuation of green homes and green home features such as solar panels, green building materials, and more. As energy efficiency and sustainability are increasingly valued by consumers, incentivized by governments, and marketed by builders and real estate professionals, appraisers will need to take a building’s “green-ness” into account in order to accurately reflect the actions of buyers and sellers in the market.

After completing the CGHA program, you’ll be prepared to provide a sound opinion of value on this complex and increasingly common type of residential property. Furthermore, having a professional certification will help differentiate you from other appraisers and give you a leg up on the competition.

What’s included in the CGHA program?

The new Certified Green Home Appraiser (CGHA) program consists of the following three courses, plus the certification application:

  1. Green Building Concepts for Appraisers
  2. Valuation of Residential Green Buildings
  3. Valuation of Residential Solar

These green home appraisal courses are taught by expert instructors and cover a wide range of important valuation information that is unique to these complex green home appraisals.

How to get started

The certification is only available to certified residential and certified general appraisers, since trainee and licensed appraisers are not permitted to appraise complex residential properties like these. So you may need to upgrade your appraisal license before you can become a green home appraiser.

If you’re already a certified residential or certified general appraiser, the best way to access the certification is to become an Unlimited Learning Member. Already a member? Good news! The Certified Green Home Appraiser program—and many other relevant career tools—are included with your membership.

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